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Agorà: the Marketplace

The stately rooms that follow from the hall to the terrace, opening onto a view of the internal garden, create a large, varied meeting space suitable for guests travelling on business or for those seeking an elegant, practical space for holding a business meeting.

In the Polis of Ancient Greece, the Agora was the centre of economic life; in the same way, at Phi Hotel Canalgrande it represents a meeting place suitable for hosting and meeting any business needs, a place where you can gather to make plans, form agreements, and discuss your ideas in a welcoming, stimulating environment that is perfectly quiet and private.

A bar and cafe service offers the chance to add a coffee break, light mid-morning refreshments, or a welcome breakfast to your work meeting.

The Agora, an exclusive setting immersed in art and history, will help to enhance and emphasise the importance of your meeting and your company's image.