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The terrace leads out into a distinctive internal garden where you can savour a quiet moment under the shady trees. This is a rare place and an unexpected delight for guests who decide to stay in the city centre: the chance to lose all contact with the chaos of the city and find oneself in a verdant natural setting. In a corner of the garden, surrounded by greenery, is an area furnished with a lovely bower gazebo with Doric columns and marble seats, featuring a fountain in an antique tub, the top of which is decorated with rocks and ornamental climbing plants, and a rustic grey stone table.

Agorà: the Marketplace

The stately rooms that follow from the hall to the terrace, opening onto a view of the internal garden, create a large, varied meeting space suitable for guests travelling on business or for those seeking an elegant, practical space for holding a business meeting. In the Polis of Ancient Greece, the Agora was the centre of economic life; in the same way, at Phi Hotel Canalgrande it represents a meeting place suitable for hosting and meeting any business needs, a place where you can gather to make plans, form agreements, and discuss your ideas in a welcoming, stimulating environment that is perfectly quiet and private.