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The Military Academy

The Military Academy

Construction of the Military Academy began in 1634 based on a design by the Roman architect Bartolomeo Avanzini. The Palazzo hosted the Estense court for over two centuries.

From the Courtyard of Honour, climb the grand staircase and enter the portico leading to the Princes' Apartments, the Private Apartment (home to the Academy History Museum) and the State Apartment, which features portraits of the Estense family and frescoes. The most spectacular spaces are the vast, elegant Hall of Honour and the 18th-century Gold Parlour. Here it is believed that Duke Francis IV signed the death sentence of Ciro Menotti, who had staged an insurrection in 1831.

The Ducal Palace is open every Sunday with guided tours from 10 to 11 am. Each tour is open to a maximum of 50 people and booking is required. To book, contact the Tourist Information Office, tel. +39 059 206660, or Modenatur, tel. +39 059 220022.

The Ducal Palace of Modena is home to the Military Academy, which in exceptional cases reserves the right to cancel guided tours for unforeseen internal reasons.