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The Enzo Ferrari Birthplace Museum

The Enzo Ferrari Birthplace Museum

The house where Enzo Ferrari was born in 1898 is considered the cultural and architectural centre of the entire museum area.

A new gallery has been built facing it, the now famous yellow aluminium "bonnet" that wraps around his birthplace without overpowering it, like an open hand. This futuristic, high-tech building was designed to tell the world about the passion behind these dream cars. The exhibition structure stretches over 5,000 m2 with an automotive aesthetic that reflects the brand's identity.

The new exhibition structure is also an extraordinary work of contemporary architecture that leaves an indelible impression on the city's skyline. The museum is a symbol of Modena's identity in Italy and throughout the world, a cultural and tourist attraction of international fame, a showcase for Modena's mechanical industry. The building was designed by Studio Systems in London, once owned by the great architect Jan Kaplicky.

The Museum hosts a flexible exhibition portraying the history, people, places, and competitions that are a part of auto racing in Modena.
The cars are the stars of the exhibition and are displayed like works of art on designer platforms. The vehicles periodically change for temporary exhibits, resulting in fresh displays. Framing the cars are designer display cases with documents, objects, and audiovisual content on auto racing in Modena.

This exhibition hub, which also includes a documentation centre, a museum education space, a conference room, a bookshop, and a café, is arranged as an elegant space for displaying stunning vehicles, but also as an ideal place for organising conferences, presentations, and cultural events.