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Modena's Canals

Modena's Canals

Set out on a fascinating journey to discover the Modena of days gone through its waterways, taking a tour of the historic centre that traces the routes of the underground canals that once flowed through the city. Historically, Modena was a city built on a river with a network of canals. Over the centuries, the canals were gradually filled in, but they still exist underground, and their memory remains “on the surface” in street names: Corso Canalchiaro, Corso Canalino and Corso Canalgrande are just a few examples. These days, the tale of that time is told only by Fonte d'Abisso, the fountain found a few metres under street level next to Piazza Roma, or by Via del Naviglio and Via dell'Attiraglio on the city's outskirts.