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In the historic centre of Modena

Phi Hotel Canalgrande is proud to be one of the reasons to visit the city of Modena. The video Many Reasons, One City was produced as part of the ...

Palazzo comunale

Overlooks Piazza Grande and incorporates medieval buildings that were unified in the 1600s.

Palazzo Ducale Sassuolo

The 17th-century Ducal Palace draws its origins from a previous castle, commonly known as the Rocca, built in 1458 by Borso d'Este, Marquess of Ferrara and local lord.

Museum of Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Modena

The museum is a hub for learning about balsamic vinegar, a culture closely tied to the land and its people.

The Collectible Card Museum

Arose from the work of the avid collector Giuseppe Panini, who founded the Panini company in 1961 along with his brothers Benito, Franco Cosimo, and Umberto.

The Cathedral of Modena

The Cathedral of Modena is the primary church of the city and of the Modena-Nonantola Archdiocese.